Volume 5 Issue 1 (January 2010)


Editorial (p 1-2)

Mehmet Bahar

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Research Articles

Exploring science teachers' attitudes and knowledge about environmental education

in three international teaching communities (p 3-29)

Todd Campbell, William Medina-Jerez, Ibrahim Erdogan, Danhui Zhang

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Values, beliefs and norms that foster Chilean and German pupils' commitment to protect biodiversity (31-49)  

Susanne Menzel, Susanne Bögeholz                                                                                                

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Differences between boys and girls in extracurricular learning settings (p 51-64)

Katrin Bätz, Sebastian Wittler, Matthias Wilde

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Developing an interest in science: background experiences of preservice elementary teachers (p 65-84) 

Mızrap Bulunuz, Olga S. Jarrett                                                                       

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The effect of diaries on self-regulation of preservice science teachers (p 85-103)

Zeki Arsal                                                                          

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How are the perceptions of high school students and teachers on NOS as a knowledge type presented in schools in terms of "importance" and "interest" (p 105-126)

Canan Tunc Sahin, Mustafa Serdar Koksal

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Acknowledgment of Reviewers (p 127-128)


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