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Volume 9 Issue 2  

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Pre-service elementary teachers' experience in a community of practice through a place-based inquiry 

Kristin Cook, Gayle Buck 

pages 111-132


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Physics teachers' behavioral, control and normative beliefs about teaching physics according to the national high school physics curriculum in Turkey   

Serkan Kapucu, Ufuk Yildirim

pages 133-157


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Social interactions and familial relationships preservice science teachers describe during interviews about their drawings of the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems 

Patricia Patrick  

pages 159-175


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Modeling the relationships between high school students' chemistry self-efficacy and metacognitive awareness  

Zubeyde Demet Kirbulut 

pages 177-196


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Arthropods and the current great mass extinction: Effective themes to decrease Arthropod fear and disgust and increase positive environmental beliefs in children?

Amy Wagler, Ron Wagler 

pages 197-214


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Noise pollution in Turkish elementary schools: Evaluation of noise pollution awareness and sensitivity training

Nermin Bulunuz

pages 215-234


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