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Research Article
The Role of Science Teachers in Developing the 21st Century Skills for the Elementary School Students
Interdisciplinary Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 2019, 15(1), e02206,
ABSTRACT: The paper measures the actual role of science teachers in developing the 21st century skills for the elementary stage students in Palestine. The population consisted of all West Bank and Gaza’s science 3-9 grade teachers. The sample comprised 560 male and female teachers who were chosen randomly. A scale was used to test 48 practices across 8 major categories: Critical Thinking Skills, Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills, Innovation Skills, Self -Direction Skills, Global Connections Skills, Local Connections Skills and Using Technology as a Tool for Learning. Surveyed teachers reported that they advance toward these categories with a frequency of 1-3 times a month, which is not quite Adequate. The findings should be sequential for educators, education planners and stakeholders focused on professional development and teacher training.