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Research Article
The Role of Reflective Practice in Mediating Development of Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Professional and Classroom Knowledge
Interdisciplinary Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 2022, 18(1), e2262,
ABSTRACT: The present study explores the potential of reflective practice in supporting pre-service teachers’ development of professional and classroom knowledge elements. The exploration process involved pre-service science teachers documenting and discussing their lived teaching experiences during school practice. The overall aim was to establish the effectiveness of reflective writing in promoting a reflection process with which teacher knowledge development could be mediated. From the analysis, strategically enacted reflective writing is a tool that enables a reflection process where trainees’ transitions in thinking about the practice of teaching are visible. Moreover, reflective writing is a potential medium tool for pre-service teachers to articulate and advance their developed assertions about teaching. The importance of negotiating and legitimizing trainees’ emerging perspectives and constructed assertions is discussed.