Recovery of Biocultural Memory Through Environmental Education in the Community of Santa Cruz Ayotuxco
Marisol Encarnación Galindo 1 2 *
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1 Autonomous University of Mexico City, Postgraduate in Environmental Education, MEXICO2 no have it* Corresponding Author


The Mexican indigenous communities are characterized by the natural, historical, and cultural contribution they represent; this is the case of the town of Santa Cruz Ayotuxco, being part of the Otomi community. Sadly, their indigenous identity and conformation, have been fading away, which has generated migration and the shedding of their traditions. The community has been forgetting their traditional practices, as well as their original language and sense of belonging. Today, its inhabitants have adopted indifference and disinterest in the place where they live. Therefore, there is an evident environmental deterioration, complex urbanization and, what is most worrying, vulnerability and dispossession of their territory.
The present work intends to recover, value, and spread some ancestral knowledge and practices of the Otomi community, having direct contact with the elders of the town to motivate and connect with the younger generations. The main objective is to get the youth involved in the improvement of the land, their place of origin, and visualize the problems that arise, as well as revive the language and cultural traditions of the people.
That is why, through the work with the elderly and the formation of focus groups with other members of the community, the recovery and improvement the human-nature relationship could be achieved. A change could be expected in the attitude and values of the inhabitants that contribute to the cultural and social ties, as well as the sense of belonging with their environment.


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INTERDISCIP J ENV SCI ED, Volume 18, Issue 3, 2022, Article No: e2280

Publication date: 15 Apr 2022

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