The Strategy of Environmental School through the Program of National Adiwiyata School in Pekanbaru (High School Level)
​ Nurhafni 1 * , Almasdi Syahza 1, Auzar 1, Nofrizal 1
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1 Lecturer at Riau University, Pekan Baru, INDONESIA* Corresponding Author


Purpose of this study is: (1) Analyze the effective strategies for the implementation of Adiwiyata schools in Pekanbaru and (2) Analyze the condition of environmentally-friendly infrastructures so that it can become a culture in Pekanbaru High Schools. The type of this research is an exploratory research (case study). In the early stage, there was a grouping of analysis variables at the research location which is in several Pekanbaru High Schools. This research was also carried out on the actors of teaching and learning activities as well as school managers who have activities with the sample set based on the key person method approach. A number of data obtained through interviews with selected respondents will also be carried out with an in-depth interview method (Bungin, 2008). As research samples, the key informants are school managers and policymakers who are considered representative to get the data needed. This initial data will be the basis for the preparation of the research questionnaire. As respondents, the key informants are students, teachers, principals, and administrative staffs. This research was conducted from September to November 2017 in several Pekanbaru High Schools.


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INTERDISCIP J ENV SCI ED, Volume 15, Issue 1, 2019, Article No: e02204

Publication date: 14 Dec 2019

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