The TELA: A New Tool for Assessing Educator Environmental Literacy
Roberta H. Hunter 1 * , Rebecca C. Jordan 2
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1 Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University, USA2 Department of Community Sustainability, Michigan State University, USA* Corresponding Author


This paper describes the measurement and outcomes of a novel teacher environmental literacy assessment. The Teacher Environmental Literacy Assessment (TELA) uses a contextual view of environmental literacy, and includes measures of Knowledge, Self-efficacy, Environmental Identity, Behavior, Issue Identification, and Strategy Selection. A sample of formal and nonformal educators and experts were selected to take and be interviewed about TELA responses. We found demographic differences, particularly between nonformal and formal educators. In addition, experts chose different types of strategies to address environmental issues than educators. The TELA can identify gaps in educator environmental literacy, which is vital content knowledge for educators.


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Article Type: Research Article

INTERDISCIP J ENV SCI ED, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 1, Article No: e02201

Publication date: 13 Dec 2019

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